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Here is a sampling of media mentions and contributions for global and local print and electronic media. If you are an editor looking for an op-ed or a journalist looking for an expert perspective, please contact Sandy with the details.

Mint Newspaper – How Adobe is getting a digital makeover

Practically speaking, all of the current marketing clouds have been patched together based on acquisitions of several disparate products and technologies.

eMarketer – Why Do Marketers Find the Cloud Dreamy?

Needs subscriber login to access the full briefing but here is an excerpt

… Real Story Group’s Kompella, who tracks the marketing technology space and helps companies evaluate and acquire such products, noted that the marketing cloud is “good shorthand to convey the notion of a comprehensive platform that can address many (if not all) marketing requirements.” Nonetheless, he believes current offerings fall short of the vision being promoted.

Quartz – Why Modi’s social media strategy to clean India is unlikely to go viral

The playbook for the Clean India campaign is based on the ALS ice bucket challenge, which proved to be a social media blockbuster. Will #MyCleanIndia campaign become a viral hit like the ice bucket challenge?

BBC World Service – Will ‘My Clean India’ work?

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched his Clean India campaign and relying on the highly successful ice bucket challenge model, he nominated nine high profile people to take up the Swachh Bharat challenge. But have they taken it up and will it work?

EContent Magazine – A guide to the Internet of Things

“Billions of devices” and “trillions of dollars” are often uttered in the same breath as the “Internet of Things.” It’s important to get this straight: The IoT is not a single application, platform, or even industry.

KMWorld Magazine – Mobile marketing: Making the right moves in a rapidly evolving field

It is easy to understand why mobile excites marketers. Five billion and counting, there are more mobile phones on the planet than there are either toilets or toothbrushes.

The Economist – Captive 2.0 – The Next Generation of Indian IT and BPO Captives

Co-authored by me: Next-Gen Indian IT & BPO Captives – PDF available from the EIU website

The Guardian – Ask the Experts Interview, (link coming soon) 

“Ask the Experts” interview where the CTOs & Strategist from Avaya, Azzurri, Colt and I weigh in challenges, vendor selection and ROI of Unified Communications.

Economic Times – Good Networking helps you stay afloat

In the backdrop of the looming industry slowdown and uncertain times for the IT industry in early 2008, I wrote an article for the Economic Times on how to stay on top even in challenging times. It was before today’s hyper-connected and networked world but many of the messages are still relevant, particularly if you are in the early stages of your career.

SearchCIO – Subprime mortgage mess not affecting Indian offshoring — yet

“In a cooling economy, discretionary budgets are put on hold,” Kompella said. Even if the Indian providers do not lose contracts in a cooling economy, their chances of growing their U.S. clients’ contracts by adding innovative, high-value services will be severely constricted, he added.

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